Searching in Facebook Groups

A couple of days ago I was bemoaning the fact that I had to scroll through an entire Wall of posts in a Facebook Group, in the attempt to locate something I had written there a couple of months ago. I was actually really silly. It is actually really easy to search for something in a Facebook Group. So easy, in fact, it was there right under my nose. D'oh.






  1. Hi Mike!

    Super-useful tip to know – especially since I am a total newbie to Facebook : ) Sometimes I get lost but will get there eventually…I hope! Thanks for this.


    • I’ve been administrating the IATEFL Facebook Group for over a year now, but even I didn’t know how to search in Groups. And then yesterday I saw it winking at me cheekily. Darn Facebook!

      Glad it’s of use to you Vicky. It’s certainly going to help me sourcing social media for help in the future!


  2. Mike – When I go to a group, I can only see the first 10 – 12 posts in the group. There is nothing at the bottom saying anything like ‘older posts’. Do you know if this is some admin setting causing this, or what may be going on?

    • Hi Don,

      I’m afraid I’m not sure about that. Normally when I go to a Facebook Group, when I scroll down it automatically loads more posts. I guess it may be dependent on the device (on a PC or tablet, for example) or the browser/app that you use. Have you tried scrolling down in a Group in different browsers and on different devices?

      I’ve never seen a setting that limits the number of posts in a Group, but I’ve also never actually looked for such a thing.

      Sorry to not be much help, and good luck sorting it out!


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