These are some things I would like to know…

I so wish I had been at Willy Cardoso’s talk at IATEFL last week, as when I arrived, it was the talk of IATEFL (those I spoke to and who spoke to me, anyway). I’m not entirely sure what follows is 100% related to what he talked about, all to do with allowing more space in teacher-training courses (listen to him talk about the session in an interview here), but it is what I’m thinking about…

Basically, I’d like to ask

  • my trainers

  • my DOS/head of school

  • the principal at my college

  • politicians (Gove and Cameron, in particular)


What would they say in response to these questions

  • What is education? What is its purpose?

  • What is learning? Can you ‘see’ learning? ‘Measure’ learning? Really??

  • What is a language? How do you learn/acquire a language? What does this mean for teaching?

  • Above all: what accommodation has to be made in light of everything above?



Not asking too much, am I? 😉

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