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Sabrina de Vita is hosting the next ESL/ELF/ELL Blog Carnival at her blog, Sabrina’s Weblog. You can read her call for blog post submissions here. Sabrina is one of a number of active, engaged and really personable Argentinian educators I know on Twitter (hoping to meet her in real life one day!) – you can follow her tweets here: @sabridv. Sabrina’s actually from Buenos Aires (a city I was supposed to visit last Christmas, but never got to), where she works teaching primary and secondary learners. I’m really enjoying her posts on Karenne’s dogmeme challenge at the moment, but haven’t commented yet (shame on me!). You can see Sabrina’s posts on the topic here.

Anyway, blog carnivals! ‘What,’ you say, ‘Then, dear Michael, is a blog carnival all about?’ Where have you been, says I – the last one was hosted by Ms Flecha at her blog My Life Untranslated. There were many blog articles submitted on a variety of topics, all summarised and written up on the blog by Ms Flecha. Do check them out!

Before that, Karenne Sylvester made a fab Prezi of the posts for a previous carnival (the 16th – I missed a few, sorry), which were all lesson plans or lesson tips. Read it here. The incomparable Larry Ferlazzo archives all of the blog carnivals on his site, Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day.

My submission to the carnival to be held at Sabrina’s blog is this one: Nike Football Write The Future – lesson plan. It’s a lesson plan I started on July 1 and only got around to finishing properly this week! Jason Renshaw is right: blogging is like a boomerang!

Image credit: Somerset : Voodoo : Carnival by Wurz on Flickr


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4 Responses to 20th ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival

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  2. Sabridv says:

    Hi Mike! Thanks for your help and especially for your kind words. I loved your contribution to the carnival and I’m really looking forward to having many more from your readers.
    I would love to meet you f2f and there’s no need to say, that you’ll be more than welcome here in Argentina. I’d love to show you around. We have a lovely country with whatever you are looking for: mountains, beaches, hot weather, snow, hills, waterfalls, big cities, small towns, you name it!

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